Impi Teak

Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Installers

Impi Teak are Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Installers of Hardwood Decks, Floors Parquet, Herringbone, Stair Treads & Risers, Landings, Laminated Tops (for use in Bathrooms, Kitchen or Bar Counter as well as Table Tops for Restaurant Tables)

Solid and Laminated Beams, Wall Cladding, Skirtings.

A big part of our business is refurbishment of Floors and Decks.

For the “NON WOOD LOVERS” we can also supply and install a top end range of Composite Decking.

Our company has been operating independently for the last 20 years. Not only do we pride ourselves on our quality wooden products, but we continually strive to provide service excellence.

Impi Teak is one of South Africa's a leading suppliers of hardwood flooring and decking products. We offer a wide range of hardwood flooring and decking, and can supply custom made beams, counter tops, stair treads as well as any kind of wooden cladding. We also offer refurbishment services on all wooden products.

Rhodesian TEAK has an extremely high resistance to abrasion and is suitable for all flooring and decking applications where strength and durability are required i.e. Hotels, offices, shopping centers and private homes.

Zimbabwean TEAK has an average mass of 920kg/m3, and has hardness rating of 1930n on end surface and a 13455n on side grain.

We believe that with our superior quality product, service excellence, our very competitive pricing, we can look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.



Sleepers come in a variety of materials, but only wood sleepers are regularly used in deck building. Concrete and metal sleepers work well for building.


Teak reclaimed parquet is a hard-wearing wood from South-East Asia, also known as Burmese Teak.


Our Teak Wall Cladding suitable for all your interior space, represent modern and minimalist style in a natural wood style.

About Us

The Wonderful world of teak products

Impi Teak, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the Largest Zimbabwean Teak Decking & Flooring supplier in Southern Africa.
We specialise in Zimbabwean Teak (Baikaiea Plurijuga) which is a sort after Hardwood, which is only found in the Khalahari Sands Region of Southern Africa. This Wood is distinguished bytwo distinct colours when sawn and processed.

In addition to decks floors and outdoor furniture, we also manufacture and supply:

Laminated tops

For use in the kitchen, bathroom and as bar counters as well as table tops for restaurants

- Stair treads and risers

- Landings
- Skirting Beams
- Both solid and laminated
- Wall cladding